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Delite Pumps Industries are the mainly Submersible Pump Manufacturing company in India. Our industries main power and capacity is of using best engineering solutions for all types of water pumps.

We have spread and also have worked with a lot MNC, National and also International corporate and have satisfying their requirements for Submersible Pumps, which is produced in Ahmedabad, India.

Our vision is to develop ideal image of our company which is well followed by trust, dedication, discipline, devotion, and Determination and mainly the performance. The company imagine in these values and every decision taken is conducted by these primary values.

Submersible Pumps in india

Our Industries are having in-house facilities to pump manufacture and have all kind of capacity to develop own motors and that to the highest quality control. We make sure that the Submersible Pump in India is hydraulically tested after assembly.

Submersible Pressure Pump

Our Industries are familiar for their promise and always convey clients above all else. We imagine in well timed delivery of products and try to give best Submersible Water Pumps. We are manufacturing all types of Industrial pumps and also well-known Submersible Motor Pump Manufacturer and Suppliers in Ahmedabad, India.

It does construct difference when we work for our clients as for any such cause an efficient and power saving pump solution is taken care and that is provided by us. We supply large range of distinct Pump Solution for any causes. We offer high quality wide scope of Openwell Pumps to clients arrange that is particularly spread all over the world. Experience and quality delivery makes the story of successful services.

This website elaborates Submersible Pumps products in detail.

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Submersible Pump Sets - The most efficient and reliable at Best Price

Delite Pump Industries is well-known firm as foremost Manufacturer and Supplier of energy competent Submersible Pumps in Gujarat , India, in the diverse industry. We are manufacturing the Submersible Pump for diverse sectors including agricultural, industrial, domestic and horticultural. Since our establishment into this field, we are working hard and gained the position where we are today and faced to embrace every opportunity that has come our way. We are flourished by unique integrated plant with world class manufacturing facility in its own kind, by team of seasoned engineers and technicians, which has made us to be the rapidly expanding company engaged in the high class pumps field, we offer Monoblock Pumps, Sewage Pumps, Electric Motors, Pressure Pumps, Winding Wires and Cables and Electric Panels covering Agriculture, domestic, and Industrial range.

Top 10 Submersible Pumps Manufacturers India

An ISO 9001: 2015 certified company. Our manufactured products are ISI marked, and BEE marking. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of energy competent Stainless Steel Pumps in India. We “Delite Pump” with an immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as a pioneer industry for manufacturing 100% Submersible Stainless Pumps and Motors in India. Rivalry in this field is stern and we are opposing against a number of globally-renowned businesses. In any case, it is our utilization of cutting edge forms and imaginative structures, all the hallmarks of Delite, which has separated us from the rest. It is both our ground breaking ethos and tender loving care that has helped us work our way up to become world class.

What is Pump?

The Pump is the machine mainly utilized to force liquid (slurries or gas) from low level to high through piping network system. Pump requires high hydraulic pressure, it plays major role in the industrial productions. This device can be differentiated into 3 groups according to the latest methods to use the flow of fluid is displacement, direct lift and gravity. Delite is the brand name as the most trustworthy Manufacturers and Suppliers of Pumps in India.

What is Submersible Pump?

We are one of the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Submersible Pumps in India, which is a product having a airtight sealed motor close-coupled to the pump's body. The manufactured Submersible Pumps is used to gain the water from the ground and the entire assembly is submerged in the fluid to be pumped. These offered products does not require priming as the whole assembly is submerged in the fluid and moreover these pumps are very efficient as it takes less energy in moving water into the pump, the water pressure pushes the water into a submersible pump, and thus it saves a huge amount of energy.

Our manufactured Open Well Pump Sets can diverge in size and there are two basic sort of Submersible Pumps make use to carry consumable water, shallow-well and profound well. Sealing the engine keeps away from water from getting inside and causing a short circuit. At the point when a pressure switch is turned on, the impeller starts to spin drawing water into the pump. The water is then pushed through the pump body and brought to the surface. The remainder of the unit comprises of a cable associated with the engine and a pipe that transports the water to the surface and into a storage tank.

Submersible Water Pump engines are designed with a water-cooled jacket. By and large, the fluid being pumped is flowed around the engine to give cooling to the engine. The inner parts of the engine are ensured by a water-tight enclosure, which counteracts the passage of any fluid. Furthermore, most bigger submersible siphons incorporate a sensor put between the pump and engine which detects when the fluid has moved beyond the engine seals and keeps the unit from further operation until repairs have been made. The size of the Submersible Pressure Pumps unit depends on the yield of the well and the requirements of your household. The pump must be evaluated to satisfy the typical pinnacle need of your household unit as opposed to just average use. One significant principle is to never introduce a system that has a greater pumping capacity than your well except if you have to utilize well storage along with normal yield to meet peak demand.


Why Submersible Pumps India

  • We have good expertise in pumps manufacturing field and we dynamically & consistently work to enhance the operational features of our products.
  • We frequently come up with innovative ideas and also keep ourselves updated with “what’s new” in the industry for manufacturing contemporary pumps.

Quality Assurance

We toil to achieve the satisfaction of our customers and maintaining the quality of submersible pumps To offer ultimately qualitative and long-lasting performance is our basic approach. Subsequently we adhere to the industrial standards in each phase of the spray pump creation like designing, manufacturing, assembling, and quality testing etc. We are an ISO Certified Company & also hold the certification of ISI - CM/L – 7553379.

Submersible Pumps

Application Of Submersible Pumps

  • Extremely deep wells which may present problems with shafting, especially if the well is crooked
  • Installation subjected to surface flooding which may be damaging to electric motors
  • Applications such as booster pumps that are in locations that require quiet operation

Keys to Selecting the Right Submersible Water Pump | Domestic Openwell Sets

Are you confused how to select the correct Submersible Pump for your usability then you are at the right place Delite Pumps. We are most demanded Submersible Pumps Dealers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The selection of the offered industrial submersibles can be done based on diverse specifications. The selection of the pump should be done according to your type of applications, where it is to be used and after that, the utmost flow of discharge must be decided by the pressure head of the pump uses. There are abundant specifications to estimate when choosing submersible pumps. The next foremost thing to select the pump is to look for maximum discharge flow to be determined.

Maximum flow alludes to the best measure of flow V6 Submersible Water Pumps have been made to deal with. The system or pressure head is utilized to decide the most extreme progression of submersible pumps. At that point, thought should be given to the most extreme release pressure of the pump. This pertains to the best measure of pressure the pump can deal with. Manufactured Submersible Pumps are also evaluated in terms of horsepower, a measurement of mechanical energy. Horsepower is work delivered at a pace of 550 foot pounds for every second, rising to 745.7 watts of energy. At last, release size of submersible pumps ought to be assessed. This worth has reference to the size of release or outlet connections of submersible pumps.

Submersible Pumps Manufacturer in india
Domestic Open well submersible pump in ahmedabad

Domestic Submersible Pump Sets - Advantages

While this isn't technically an advantage, Industrial Submersible Pumps are designed to be firmly contained submerged units. Therefore, they are totally watertight, and risks of leakages and electric contacts are wiped out. These guarantee that the pump will experience the ill effects of no inside damage, and thus minimizes repair costs. The best favorable advantage of a submersible pump anyway lays in the way that dissimilar to different sorts of pumps, they do not need to be primed before operating. This spares time, yet additionally reduces dangers of overexertion.

The second advantages of a Submersible Motots/Pumps are by the way it collaborates with the water. In reality, because of the way that the pump utilizes no suction to get the water through to the pipes or hoses, the pressure is advanced. This enables the water to move over a more prominent separation, which can be valuable for bigger farms. The best preferred advantages of a Domestic Openwell Submersible Pump Sets anyway lies in the way that not at all like different kinds of submersibles, they don't should be prepared before working. This spares time, yet in addition reduces risks of overexertion.

Submersible Pumps Applications Areas

The Navy

These Submersible Pumps Sets are constructed for navy/sea water application to deal with flooding and ensures a trouble free operation. The submersible pumps are effortlessly lowered into flooded areas to authorize the de-watering process to begin. Generally, submersible pumps redirect the water through hoses which then go overboard. Components of Submersible Pumps are enclosed to stay away from the prospect of shock, thereby enabling someone to safely stand in the water straight next to the pump while it is running.

Fire and Rescue Services

Delite Pump is the brand name and engaged in manufacturing Submersible Pumps in India that are worn to pump out water to a lowest amount depth of 15 cms or from open water to supply an occurrence ground with water. Submersible Water Pumps can be lowered into a subway or down a cliff into open water and still operate.


At depths beneath 800 ft., electric submersible pumps of high limit, head, and unwavering quality are required. Electrical Submersible Dewatering Pumps for the mining industry are unique in relation to those utilized for new water or oil concerns. Downhole conditions comparative with mines are extreme since mine water is acidic and conveys suspended solids. Extensive Federal and state guidelines must be adhered to in regards to pump designs, code prerequisites and pump controls. Inspected by electrical designers to evaluate appropriate prerequisites for Mining is Electric Submersible Pumps.

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Exclusive Benefits to Choose Delite Submersible Pumps

Delite Pumps is determined firm with the fullest duty, since its inspection to perpetually recuperate the result of SS Submersible Pump Set quality and combination according to the prerequisites of the customers. We have consistently assessed for the consumer loyalty regarding quality product conveyance and its exhibition for giving full an incentive to their venture. Our achievement of ISO-9001 endorsements is a bit of it. We today assurance to furthermore overhaul our ground-breaking help to you with additional exceptional developments and present day process establishment and world class practices.

  • Extensive assortment and different models for alternative to group client requirements
  • Generally Exported products
  • ISI Embossed products
  • Item for low voltage working
  • Generation Capacity of month to month more than 20000 units
  • 100% in house creation
  • Most nearby day set up with programmed winding m/c, CNC machines and Welding Robot
  • R and D set up for new items improvement
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